Our offering

  • Unique Fan Engagement
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Results driven process
  • New revenue streams
  • High impact, low cost solutions

What is the Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club is a unique fan engagement platform that allows you to engage with your fans at a greater level at all stages in your release schedule, whether it’s pre or post-season sports matches, live gigs or media events. Our clients range from premiership teams, sports personalities, celebrities, top 10 acts, TV shows and global brands. We’ve organised entire shows, intimate meet-ups and even one of special fan events for media and PR purposes. We’ve been involved in high profile stunts, one-off TV events and help re-ignite fan bases across the world.

What we can we do for you?

Our unique team of Experience Managers have a background in working with both digital and live arenas and have the knowledge to engage your audiences at a greater level, whether it’s looking to improve fan engagement online or increase and maximise ticket sales at venues. Because we exist around your events we can be as visible or invisible as you like. We are discreet with our client list and methods, but have a refreshingly open and transparent working process. Contact our team today and find out how The Breakfast Club can enhance your experiences now.